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Industrial filter cloth

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Industrial filter cloth

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In the industrial production, the filtration process covers a wide range of application industries, such as pigment, dye, polymer, starch, fine chemical, environmental protection, mining industry while a wide range of products are required to be suitable for a variety of different finished products of filter media and filter cloth, so as to match with various filter equipment and device in the production.

Our surprising industrial filtering experience of over 50 years will tell you: Your surprise should not be limited to our ability to provide a standardized filtration solution according to the major types of equipment used in industrial filtration; and should not be limited that we can give a customized solution that meets the most demanding requirements in the field, (such as working conditions of high temperature, chemical resistance properties, and long service life), and even not be limited to our ability to provide a complete series of meshes products applicable to all filtering tasks, to improve the safety and reliability of the production process, and to improve the quality standards and traceability of the final products; but you still need to see that we minimize customer’s overall production costs by using of specific solutions, extend the service life of filter products to the largest extent, and minimize energy consumption. For this reason, your production line is running leisurely and smoothly, and has its own pace, which enables you to worry about nothing in production.

Vacuum belt filter

With the introduction of double-braid technology into the filter belt of vacuum belt filters, the industrial standards of the filter cloth for such devices has been established. The fabric structure of all double-layer filter cloth is based on the organic combination of fine filter surface layers and thick and strong support diversion layers.

The materials include PP, PET and PEEK.

Its filtration effect is great without leakage of solid materials. Its optimum chemical and heat resistance quality as well as the reinforcement seal of band-edge ensure the operation to be stable and fault free. Its long service life and low operation costs are suitable for all types of vacuum movable disks and the type of tape filters.

Drum filter

Drum filter is generally the main filtration device in the industrial filtration. The design of different types of drum filters is mainly to cater to the processes and industries.

The materials include PP, PET, PA, PEEK, PVDF and E-CTFE etc.

Good filtration performance, no leakage of solid materials, optimum chemical and heat resistance quality, easy to install, low maintenance costs

Vertical disk filter

The vacuum vertical disk filter has a relatively high ratio between filtration areas and floor areas. However, the performance of vacuum vertical disk filter with high-performance or the profiled vertical disk filter relies on the applicability of the filter cloth equipped to a large extent. The filter cloth with monofilament or multifilament meeting the requirements of this filtration devicehas been developed through our long-term close cooperation with the top machine manufacturers.

The materials include PA, PP, PET etc.

The full range of materials can easily meet the personalized needs of consumers. There’s a good shedding performance of filter cakes, good wear resistance and durability, as well as low maintenance costs.

Belt squeeze filter

The conventional belt squeeze filter is suitable for the industry applications, such as organic sludge, inorganic sludge, dehydration and dewatering (such as fruit juice squeezing).

The materials include PET and other materials suitable for the requirements.

It has good strength, permeability and good shedding performance of filter cakes. The customers can choose the filter belt based on the structure of different belt squeeze filter, and the band-edge is gelatinized to achieve the long service life without any faults, and the installation is simple and convenient.

Horizontal pressure filter

The filter cloth is designed for the specific working conditions of the pressure filter. We have extensive experience in almost all applications of the pressure filter, which can meet the requirements of wastewater sludge, product materials and various industries.

The materials include PP, PA, PET, PVDF, and E-CTFE etc.

It has the optimum chemical and heat resistance quality. The moisture of filter cakes is relatively low, and the cloth-edge is gelatinized to avoid leak. It’s easy to install, easy to clean, and the service life, particle retention and maintenance costs are carefully considered.

Tubular pressure filter and candle filter

The tubular pressure filter and the candle filter with multi filter elements can achieve the stable operation with full automation, widely used in many industrial fields.

The materials include PP, PA, PET, PEEK, and E-CTFE etc.

Seamless woven filter cylinder, filter cylinder with filter cloth welded and filter cylinder with filter cloth sewn can be provided, and the filter cylinder has a smooth calendered surface, which can improve the performance of particle throttling, filter cakes shedding and clean regeneration performance.

Centrifugal filter

The fine-woven filter cloth can be produced in different ways and the filter cloth of centrifuges is particularly excellent in capturing fine medicines and chemicals.

It is configured with the filter cloth containing the integrated bottom fabric for diversion, offering a minimum of product leakage, high output capacity and short downtime, and it is easy to install.

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