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High performance thermoplastic composite solution

High performance thermoplastic composite solution

High performance thermoplastic composite solution

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Semlon advanced composites are manufactured by using the world's leading US-patented technology. Semlon advanced engineering plastics are manufactured by the world's leading Swiss engineering plastic profile manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience. With high rigidity, dimensional stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance, Semlon products are high-performance materials especially made for rotating equipment.

Semlon advanced wear-resistant materials feature wide categories and area available with the optimal material combination according to the specific application conditions, hence offering users outstanding performance and unparalleled value. The product satisfies rigid industrial requirements on high temperature and low temperature limit, corrosion limit and PV value limit, reduces the wear and friction of rotating equipment, raises equipment reliability and reduces leakage.



Applications of Semlon products in pumps

1. Reduce the vibration of pump/rotating equipment;

2. Improve the life and average maintenance interval of mechanical seal;

3. Reduce the risk of jamming when a pump is running;

4. Improve operation efficiency of pumps and save energy;

5. Reduce the number of repairs and save maintenance costs;



Applications of Semlon products in compressor

1. Air reciprocating compressor valve

2. Star wheel of single screw air compressor

3. Labyrinth seal ring of centrifugal compressor

4. Air compressor packing ring / guide ring / seal ring / piston ring


Applications of Semlon products in ball valve seats & bearings

1. Ball valve seat:

Resistant to high temperature over 300°C for a short time

Resistant to high temperature and creep to raise service life

2. Bearing:

Resistant to high temperature with sound dimensional stability

Resistant to wear and chemical mediators


Application scope of Semlon products

Suitable for 60% to 70% pumps in refineries

Operating temperature ranges from very low temperature to 260°C

Non-abrasive fluid

Value that Semlon products create for you

Power and maintenance account for 52% of the total cost of a pump from purchase/installation to operation/maintenance to the end of its life.

If a 7-stage vertical pump with a rated power of 68.9KW, 380V/50Hz, 2950 RPM and a BEP flow rate of 100m3/h is equipped with a Semlon 6000 impeller ring, it can save 43,490 Yuan of electricity fee per year.

(Based on the price of industrial electricity at 0.8 Yuan / kWh)

Some application cases of Semlon 6000 products in petrochemical plants



Main pumps for ethylene facilities

Sinopec Shanghai: polymerization propylene pump in the ethylene facility of olefin plant, position E-GA425A/B, rotate speed 2950RPM, transport liquid polymerized propylene, temperature 40 ~ 50°C, inlet pressure 20bar, outlet pressure 35bar, flow rate 25 ~ 26m3/h

Sinopec Yanshan: kettle liquid pump of chlorine oil absorption tower in the ethylene facility of olefin plant, position E-GA402A/B, rotate speed 2960RPM, transport liquid ethylene / ethane, temperature ‐21°C, lift 188m, flow 11.2 ~ 13m3/h

Sinopec Tianjin: bottom pump of di-chlorocarbon tank in the ethylene facility of olefin plant, position E-GA402A/B, rotate speed 2900RPM, transport liquid ethylene, temperature ‐30°C, pressure 2MPa

Sinopec SABIC Tianjin: reflux pump of ethylene facility

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